ALUMINA BRICK 70% Alumina phosphate bond

Alumina Brick 70% Alumina phosphate bond



Phosphate bonded alumina bricks as a kind of hot-sale refractory bricks application in cement rotary kiln phosphate bonded high alumina bricks in Rongsheng factory are manufactured with good wear resistance and good chemical resistance & good thermal shock resistance, high load softening temperature refractory phosphate bonded high alumina bricks. There are phosphate refractory high alumina bricks for sales in RS factory provide specification and category as well as competitive price, welcome to contact us for free quote

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High compressive strength,Good thermal shock resistance,Wear resistance and peeling resistance, alumina phosphate bricks alkali resistance is better than clay brick, alumina brick,alumina phosphate bricks high load softening temperature,alumina phosphate bricks good chemical resistance


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